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ATMA SPHERE is a living and lifestyle brand designed to share the Soul, Breath & Essence of activities, interests, aspects of society and life, that exalt ancient wisdom in a modern world. Like colorful threads being woven on a loom, we are all so diverse and unique, yet connected by the transcendental commonalities which form the fiber of humanity.  Our focus is on those connections through three realms…on a personal, community and global level.


Through the ancient practice of Yoga, which means to "Unite”, we share tools and techniques aimed at connecting mind, body and soul. 


Our online community is a place to establish authentic connections with one another to collectively share Inspiration...everything from wellness tips, to recipes, cultural experiences, opportunities to be of service, and more.


And through our store we connect the art of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. We showcase conscientiously curated collections of Ecuadorian Artisan designs "Artesanias", uniting the heart of the Andes, the Amazon, and its people, from the equatorial center of the world…with an international public that values and appreciates objects made with intricate skill and passionate soul. 


By honoring the traditions, wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, we aspire to keep that inspiration alive within us in the present, and encourage them to continue to evolve enhanced, enriching future generations to come.



Head on over to our

Soul Inspired Living journal

to find this recipe and more.

Here's to your health!

Cheers! Salud!




The simplest of all yogic breaths. 

This powerful breathing technique decreases the effects of stress on the body and increases overall mental and physical health.

Take a brief moment to try it now...




A conscientiously curated collection of carefully crafted one-of-a-kind pieces,

made by Ecuadorian artisans,

designed to spark joy in your soul, home and atmosphere. 

Follow our journey on instagram #soulinspired

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