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“With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere.”
~C.S. Lewis


ATMA SPHERE is a lifestyle brand founded by Natalie Christina Heer Espinosa.

Of mixed heritage, having been born in Washington D.C. to an American father and Ecuadorian mother, she was raised both in Ecuador and the United States. Because of her upbringing she always had a deep desire in her soul to honor the beauty of different cultures by sharing that which is so unique, yet also very similar in many ways. Like each colorful thread that emanates from the Sphere of the loom, we are all individuals so very diverse and special. Together in this interconnected word, we shape and create experiences that form the rich, multifaceted tapestry of our life.

According to The Hutchinson Dictionary of Symbols, the loom “is a symbol of Cosmic Creation and the structure upon which individual destiny is woven”. The symbolism and significance of loom weaving spans thousands of years and across many cultures. Ecuador is world-renowned for its textiles. The diversity of native dress in Ecuador highlights the strong sense of identity which the various indigenous peoples have retained throughout the centuries. Inspired by Inca traditions and with adaptations of the 16th century Spanish-style dress, the distinctive clothes of Ecuador’s indigenous can fortunately still be appreciated in today’s modern world. This is just one example of the Traditions, Lifestyle, Cultural Aspects and Way of Life that are a part of our identity that Atma Sphere wishes to preserve and share as our purpose.

Why the name ATMA SPHERE? The best way to describe it is by using definitions.

Natalie Christina, a lover of words and their meanings, was given the spiritual name 

ATMA JYOT (which means Light of the Soul) after becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

ATMA: means Soul, Breath, Essence in Sanskrit and JYOTmeans Light, Brightness, Life, Fire


While there are many definitions for the word Sphere that pertain well, one really stands out.

SPHERE: An area of Activity, Interest or Expertise; a section of Society or an aspect of Life Distinguished and Unified by a particular characteristic.


1. The pervading tone or mood of a place, situation or a work of Art

2. The air, Breath, that surrounds us, on the planet earth

3. The Earth’s Atmosphere is particularly unique because it is able to contain water in each of its three phases (solid, liquid and gas), which is essential for the development of LIFE.

Together these words form the name ATMA SPHERE which describes our lifestyle brand designed to share the Soul, Breath and Essence (Atma) of activities, interests, aspects of society and life that surrounds us and unifies us by a particular characteristic (Sphere)…in this case it’s that which Inspires YOUR Soul to live a life of health, wellness, filled with happiness and love, surrounded by beauty and light.  


We aim to do this through three main aspects of our lifestyle brand:


ATMASPHERE yogaWhere you will find ancient tools and techniques designed to inspire a healthier mind, body and soul

ATMASPHERE inspirationWhere you will find our “Soul Inspired Living” Journal, designed to share heathy tips, recipes, experiences and more. As well as our community created to be of service to one another.

ATMASPHERE shopWhere you will find a conscientiously curated collection of carefully crafted one-of-a-kind pieces, made by Ecuadorian artisans, designed to spark joy in your soul, your home and your atmosphere. 

Click on any of the above to learn more.

May your soul be inspired by the drive in your heart to manifest itself in its highest form! 

Natalie Christina


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